Sermons on Psalms

Sermons on Psalms

Are You Brave Enough?

Praying brave prayers – the type of prayer that David offers here – invites God into our lives in such a way, that dramatic things can happen.

A Person’s A Person

The fact that God knows us so personally even before birth speaks to our value as human beings made in His image even before we are born.

Who Can Dwell With God

4 things to consider this morning – Our Worship What is my attitude in approaching the Lord… Our Walk: where have my feet have taken me. . . Our Works: What have my actions said about the condition of my soul. . . Our Words what have my words said about the condition of my heart. . .

If The Foundations Be Destroyed

Stressed out, pray. Worried, pray. Anxious, pray. Angry, pray! Upset about the election, PRAY! In everything, in all situations – there is nothing too small and nothing too big, in everything pray!
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