Dear Church Family,

          Our Governor has moved Northern Virginia into Phase One dealing with the COVID-19 virus. This means Marsh Road Baptist Church can gather together for services at 50% of our rated capacity, which means we can have 125, more than adequate to care for everyone.

          Rest assured we will do our best to provide a safe gathering, continually cleaning and disinfecting our building. We do ask that those who choose to come do so a few minutes before the service hour you are attending, 5-7 minutes before Sunday School; same before worship hour; same for Wednesday night Prayer and Bible Study. We also ask that you use the available hand sanitizing liquid as you enter and then proceed to a pew. Everyone must be separated by at least 6 feet, except families who are permitted to sit together. You are welcome to wear a mask if that makes you more comfortable. We will have some on the table with the sanitizing liquid.  There will be NO nursery or other children’s classes at this time. Children are welcome and may join their family in the auditorium. The Auditorium Bible Class will be the only class until further notice. There is to be NO bodily contact, such as hugging or hand shaking.

          We cannot guarantee freedom from the virus in our building but we will do our part; it remains your personal decision whether you attend or do not attend. Only you can decide what is in your best interest. If you come or if you choose not to come you are still a vital part of our spiritual family. Rest assured we will love you, pray for you and do our best to serve you. All services will continue to be videoed and live streamed as usual.

          If you have any questions feel free to call. We will try to answer any concerns you might have. God bless each of you as we move forward and strive to return to something we might consider somewhat normal.                                                                                  Serving Together, Pastor Shepard


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